What if You Had Your Workouts Planned Out For You on Your iPod?

I've been toying around with this idea, and, in fact, I'm testing it out on a few people. I wanted to get your feedback to see if you thought it was worthwhile or idiotic. Most people who go to the gym want to listen to their favorite music and they want to know what to do, ie: what body parts to work, when to work them, which machines to use, etc. So here's my idea.

Everyone who goes to a gym should be working out (with weights) between 45 minutes to an hour. Anything more than that is overkill or boring or the kids have crapped their pants in the daycare. That time frame translates to between 13 and 17 songs. So my question to you all is what if you were able to listen to your favorite songs, and at the same time, have someone telling you what to do...in your headset.

It's really personal training without the big bulky arms-shaved muscle-head who twitters his fake eyelashes while you push 72 pounds up with one leg trying to tighten your gludias maximus. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper. What I'm testing out with several of my FitCampers is the concept of giving them their workouts, mixed in with their music.

You would know, every day, before you hit the gym what muscle group(s) you were working. You arrive at the gym, put the rug rat in the pen, grab your towel and pop in your iPhone or iPod or whatever you use to listen to music. For the first song, you warm up on the treadmill or the bike. Once that song ends, the workout begins.

Every exercise is laid out for you. The reps. The rest period. All of it. But the key is not to overwhelm the music. You want to hear your music just as much as you want to know what to do. It's a delicate balance and only the hands of a trained professional could pull this off. I caution you all not to try this at home. After all, I would never attempt to operate a crane or remove your appendix.

It might be tricky at first, trying to make sure you stay on pace. But by the second and third and fourth workout, you have it nailed. Then, on the 6th workout I change it all up on you again. New workout. New songs. More muscle confusion.

Let me know your thoughts. This could be the dumbest idea on earth or could make me a billionaire.