Our Next 8-week Session Starts Monday October 10, 2016

3 Days Per Week
1 Hour Per Day
#1) Stop wasting your time at a gym wandering around wondering which machines to use.  
#2) Stop wasting money on a trainer who's more concerned with who's texting him than with your progress.
#3) You need accountability every day, every week.
#4) And you need it from someone with experience, someone who's also willing to put in the hard work, someone who's not trying to rip you off.

We've been getting - and keeping - local residents fit for over a decade, and we do it in a safe a fin way. Your first class is always free. If you'd like more detail, please call or text 239-247-3833 or e-mail edryantheeditor@gmail.com. Classes are 3 days per week for one hour. Mornings (5:00A) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Evenings (5:30P) on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Class is held in Gateway.

Your investment is $159.00 for 8 weeks.
Our April 2016 Class
Our location here in Gateway:
11940 Fairway Lakes Drive
Unit 5
Fort Myers FL. 33913

Call Ed Ryan for more information at 239-247-3833 or e-mail at edryantheeditor@gmail.com.
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Savage Race 2013. Saturday, October 19

We took third place in our age groups at the Savae Race in Tampa on Saturday, October 20, 2013

(VIDEO) - How FitCamp Changes Bodies

More Pictures of FitCampers Everywhere

FitCampers love the great outdoors. Stephanie, Alyssa, Jay and Kim at the Warrior Dash in 2013

The Beach Video

Fitness is Forever

All week long many of us sit at our desk hacking away at the keyboard writing stories, preparing proposals and pointlessly checking e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Other than the occasional bathroom break we are sedentary. At the end of the day without the proper mental motivation we're tempted to talk ourselves out of exercising because we're exhausted and there is always tomorrow.

Friday arrives and the 5-day routine that keeps us focused on work and away from the junk food cabinet disappear. Friends, family, sit-down dinners a few chips here and there, a glass of wine turns into three or four and before you know it your bowflex is being used to dry the kids clothes. None of us are getting any younger so how do we fix this?

(VIDEO) Dirty Foot Adventure in Fort Meade

While nursing a calf injury, I wore the Go-Pro and ran with Kim at the Dirt Foot Adventure race in
Fort Meade. Kim won first in her age at this race. Geno has come up with some very creative and fun obstacles at his races.