Day #2 "Preparing for Muddy Buddy" Workout

On May 8th the Muddy Buddy Competition will be held in Orlando Florida. It's a 7-mile bike, run and obstacle course so we've altered our workouts to make sure we have the stamina as well as the strength to be competitive in the race. Here is our Sunday workout, day number two, of 21 straight days of training.

In order to change the focus of our workouts from pure strength training to strength and endurance training we have changed our rest and rep numbers. During normal training we try to get stronger every week by increasing weight and decreasing reps. For example: 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps using four exercises per bodypart.

Now we are going to keep the reps around 12 for all sets. Never go to light. If you're struggling with the last 2 reps, you have the correct weight. If you can feel like you can do 20 reps, the weight is too light. We also limit the rest time to 45 seconds between each set. NEVER LIFT MORE WEIGHT THAN YOU CAN REASONABLY HANDLE IF YOU ARE WORKING WITHOUT A SPOTTER.

On April 18th we worked upper body. The workout should take 45 minutes. Here is the routine. Feel free to print it out and use it on your upper body day. If you have any questions about how to perform an exercise e-mail me. Even if you are not training for a competition, always remember, change is good for your body. Trying a new workout could get you over a plateau.

Exercise #1 Flat Bench
135 lbs / 12 reps
rest :45 - Complete 3 sets

185 lbs / 10 reps
rest :45 - Complete 3 sets

200 lbs / 8 reps
rest :45 - Complete 3 sets

NOTE - If you are not a gym member or are working out at home, an alternative to the flat bench would be floor dumbbells presses. If you do not have weights, try pushups.

Exercise #2

Incline Dumbbell Presses
50 lbs /12 reps
rest :45

55 lbs /12 reps
rest :45

60 lbs /12 reps
rest :45

65 lbs / MAX REPS
rest :45

NOTE - If you are not a gym member or are working out at home, an alternative to the incline dembbell would be incline pushups. Elevate your feet on a chair or a box, keep your hands directly under your chest, fingers pointed straight above your head.

Exercise #3
Rope Pulldowns
70 lbs 12 reps
rest :45

75 lbs 12 reps
rest :45

80 lbs 12 reps
rest :45

85 lbs to fatigue

NOTE - If you are not a gym member or are working out at home, an alternative to the rope pulldown would be to hang a band over the end of a door and perform the same motion with the band that you would with the rope. Instead of going to 12, however, you should go to fatigue on all 4 sets because it will be easier with the rope.

Exercise #4
Bodyweight Dips
4 sets of 15 reps.

Make sure you are going down far enough so your upper arms (biceps and triceps) are nearly parallel with the ground.

NOTE - If you are not a gym member or are working out at home, perform the dip on a stable chair with yuor arms behind you on the chair and your legs straight out. Move your butt closer to the floor and push up with your hands. Make sure the chair is stable. To make it harder, have someone sit on your lap while performing the dips.

Exercise #5
Bodyweight Pullups
4 sets of 12 reps or max reps
Your chin should be as close to the bar as you can pull it at the top and your arms should be almost to lock-out at the bottm.

NOTE - It's hard to simulate a pullup at home. The pullup is one of the best upper body, back and strength building exercises you can perform. However, if you have a band and can hang it over something in your house or garage and sit on the floor (or on a chair) you can pull both ends of the band toward your body and out toward your sides. That is as close as you can get to a pullup without a pullup bar. Release the tension slowly so you feel a burn and continue until you are fatigued.

2-Mile Run
Cardio is most effective first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or immediately after your workout. Sometimes the weather doesn't co-operate but that doesn't mean you call it a day. 
Nutrition For Sunday
8:30AM - 9 Egg Whites/3 Yolks, Tomato, Salsa, 2 rice cakes with all natural peanut butter
12:30 - 1/4 pound of pulled chicken, 2 rice cakes with all natural peanut butter
2:30 - Zone Protein bar
4:30 - 1/4 pound of pulled chicken
7:00PM - Steak and Rice